Getting to Albany

Nau mai Haere Mai! Welcome to Auckland!

Below you will find suggestions for getting to and from the airport, to and from the conference, and accessible transportation options. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but rather an indication and reference for what options are available.

Getting to and from the Airport:

There are three main options for getting to and from the airport; shuttle services, bus services and taxi/Uber.

Shuttle Services
Shuttle services generally operate under a shared ride or exclusive use model and generally require bookings. Note that many companies offer discounts if you book for more than one person (indicated in the price guides below).

Super Shuttle (shared ride):

Auckland Airport -> Albany:                                   $66pp ($78 x 2 ppl; $90 x 3ppl)
Auckland Airport -> Auckland City Centre:            $25pp ($35 x 2ppl; $45 x 3ppl)

Quick Shuttle (exclusive use):
Auckland Airport -> Albany:                                   $85 (1-2 people); $95 (3-4 people)
Auckland Airport -> Auckland City Centre:            $69 (1-2 people); $80 (3-4 people)

There are specific Airport transfer buses that are available. Unlike Shuttles, these services do not require bookings, tickets can be purchased online and used within three months of issuance.

Auckland Airport -> Albany:                                     $24pp or $44pp return
This service operates every half hour on weekdays and every hour on weekends

Auckland Airport -> Auckland City Centre:              $17pp or $32pp return
This service operates every 10-15 minutes between 4:00a.m. and 9:00p.m., 7 days a week.

There is a Taxi rank outside of both the International and Domestic Airports, and Uber are also allowed to pick-up/drop-off at the Airport. Note, unlike other countries, most of our Uber drivers do not have a window sticker identifying them as Uber vehicles. Fares will likely vary.

For more information regarding Auckland Taxi companies and their fares see:

Getting to and from the Conference:

PLEASE NOTE - There are three campuses at Massey Albany. The conference is taking place on the main campus, called East Precinct.

(Many people may be staying at the Quest in the Albany Village, which is another Albany campus, but NOT where the conference is located).

There are two transportation options (other than walking if you are staying locally) for getting to and from the Massey University Albany campus; bus and Taxi/Uber.

Bus services are operated by Auckland Transport, who offer discounts for people who use an ATHop card ($10 to purchase). If you are staying in Auckland for a few days, it may be worthwhile to purchase one:

Auckland Transport also have an app, AT Mobile (Apple & Android), which will give you real-time boarding information.
Alternatively, the third-party Auckland Transit app (Android only), has added functionality and is arguably easier to navigate.

If you are staying in Albany:
Albany Bus Stop C -> Massey University:                          $3.50 (cash) or $1.95 (ATHop card)
Bus Number: 83, 861, 917 or 986. There is one bus every 5-10 minutes and the ride will take about 10 minutes.

If you are staying in the City Centre (note you will also need to catch a connecting bus from Albany):
Civic Centre (Bus number: NX2) -> Albany Bus Station:    $7.50 (cash) or $4.90 (ATHop card)
Britomart (Bus number: NX1) -> Albany Bus Station:         $7.50 (cash) or $4.90 (ATHop card)
Both routes operate every 10 minutes and take 30-35 minutes.

There are many Taxi companies in Auckland, but two of the main ones are Auckland Co-Op (, and Budget Taxis ( Fares will vary. For Uber, the below prices can be taken as a rough estimation:

Albany -> Massey University:                                   $7-8

Auckland City Centre -> Massey University:          $30-40

You can find more about the Albany campus, including maps and information about parking and the campus shuttle bus here

There is a Google Map of the Albany campus found here


Both the Skybus and the Auckland Transport bus services are accessible and wheelchair friendly, all buses either kneel or have ramps.

Both Auckland Co-Op Taxis ( and Budget Taxis ( explicitly offer total mobility vehicles.

Uber offers ‘Uber Assist’, although it is unclear what specifically this entails. If you require wheelchair access, the above Taxi services or bus services would be a more reliable option.

For a more extensive list of accessible transportation options (and contact details) visit: